To see a friend no road is long



نجمة Interpretation:

For true friendship , the world is small.

وردة حمراءcomments:

Real and sincere friendship قوس قزح has no territorial limits. Whether a friend is near or at a far off place, the fondness always bridges the gap in between. By writing, telephoning اتصل بي or chatting, one can get in touch with one’s friend. Hence, the road to be there for a friend is never long.

الصداقة الحقيقة ليس لها حدودوردة حمراء


3 أفكار على ”To see a friend no road is long

  1. I completely agree with u Aiosha …fe3lan you can remain in touch with ur friend anyway >> for myself i’ve great friends i’ll never forget them & our days together will always in my heart 🙂 🙂

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