Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


نجمة Interpretation:

Never keep all your savings in one place عمل or all your investments in any one project.


The eggshell is so brittle that if too many eggs were kept in one basket even a small jerk would break them all. The egg here denotes one’s savings نقود. Keeping all your savings at one place is not wise for fear of theft نينجا, flood, fire, etc.

Therefore,it is prudent to split them up and keep them separately ابتسامة.


وردة حمراءلا تضع البيض كله في سلة واحدة


3 أفكار على ”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

  1. WOOOW Tmoo7..I`m so excited to teach proverbs

    thanx 3yosha you presents useful information about this proverbs

    I can write what i understood:

    It’s just a way of saying don’t get caught up with everything, or take it slow, one step at a time


    ” We know that you want to become an actor, and we support you, but we still want you to graduate from, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

  2. هلاإ Dream

    لو وضعنا كل البيض فِيےّ سلة واحده اش راح يصير!!

    » راح يتكسر طبعا ونخسر كل البيض..

    وهو معنى مجازي للمعنئ الاصلي:

    (لايمكنك انجاز جميع أعمالك ومشاريعك بخطوه واحده، فلابد تكون بخطوات عشان تنجح

    ‏​{يَعْنِــي بالعامي: لاتلخبط أمورك فوق بعض لازم تكون حبه حبه « يمديك على الشرح 🙂 }

    ان شالله تكوني فهمتي المثل 🙂

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